• 10 Tips for Moving Cross-Border Freight

    According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the value of truck freight between the U.S. and Mexico totaled $460 billion in 2021, a 20% year-over-year increase. For shippers with freight headed across the border by truck, here are 10 recommendations that can help the process run smoothly. 1. Hire a carrier that can handle everything. Hiring one carrier that has the knowledge and experience in handling each step from both sides...
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  • Technology and Relationships – Two Links Your Supply Chain Needs

    When choosing a transportation company, technology matters – but so do the people behind the tech When managing freight transportation, the use of technology — a transportation management system or shipment visibility mobile app — is a great way to save time and increase efficiencies for everyone involved in a shipment. However, shippers should use caution in placing too much reliance on technology alone in managing a dynamic supply chain,...
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  • Lessons from a Kentucky owner-operator committed to delivering relief

    Landstar BCO Jim Walden’s home state of Kentucky has faced a number of extreme weather events over the past year. This month, historic flooding in eastern Kentucky caused significant damage in the state. In December 2021, a band of tornadoes moved across the state, leaving behind destruction and loss just two weeks before Christmas. When Walden heard there was a need for a truck and trailer to haul supplies to...
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