• Landstar Hauls Train Safety Equipment for Duostech

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, transportation and safety merged in Jacksonville yesterday when Landstar picked up an oversized data center from Duos Technologies headquarters which will be used to detect potential safety issues on Amtrak high-speed passenger trains. The Edge Data Center and Railcar Inspection Portal (RIP®) use Machine Vison and AI to analyze moving trains and trucks to improve and speed up the safety inspection process. Landstar is hauling the first of...
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  • Unlocking Heavy/Specialized Success

    Navigating heavy/specialized transportation can be complex, just like the loads themselves. Managing shipments outside one’s usual routine, or comfort zone, can require additional information. Understanding this field – more specifically, the key factors that contribute to heavy/specialized success – is crucial for smooth freight transportation. For shippers less familiar with securing transport of oversized or overweight freight, here are some elements to become acquainted with: The Role of Equipment When it comes...
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  • Landstar Hosts Grow Your Star Program for Agents

    Agents participating in Landstar’s Grow Your Star program are reporting they’re more prepared and more motivated to find ways to improve their independent businesses. The program helps agencies reach new goals by providing information, support and mentors to agents through small group, three-day sessions. “If you’re an agent feeling stuck at your current level of business – whatever level that is – there are always growth opportunities to be found within the...
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