Our office offers employment and internship opportunities for bright and energetic individuals looking to pursue a career in the truck transportation industry.
To find out more, please contact our human resources department at .moc.1547877909scits1547877909igoln1547877909nywg@1547877909rh1547877909


If you are interested in becoming a Landstar agent we would be happy to talk with you.  In being a Landstar agency ourselves we are happy to help other people understand the opportunities and risks involved from somebody who has done it direct.  We can also discuss with you the opportunity of Sub-Agent.  As Sub-Agent, you would still retain your own autonomy and receive the same amount of compensation as a normal agent with one added benefit:  You would be able to leverage our already established infrastructure.  This includes Office space, telephone functionality,  and fax.  In addition we have developed in house technology to help you be very successful.  You will also receive guidance from experienced agents that can help you along the way.

For consideration, please contact our human resources department and let then know you are interested in becoming either a Landstar agent or sub agent.  Send your email to: .moc.1547877909scits1547877909igoln1547877909nywg@1547877909rh1547877909  You may also consider downloading Landstar’s agent pre-qualification form located at: Prequalification.


Landstar has a wealth of opportunities for owner operators.  If you are interested in joining the best owner operator program in America today, please contact our human resources department at .moc.1547877909scits1547877909igoln1547877909nywg@1547877909rh1547877909


Gwynn Logistics LLC is always interested in supporting the transportation community.  Please contact us at .moc.1547877909scits1547877909igoln1547877909nywg@1547877909etaro1547877909ballo1547877909c1547877909 should you wish to discuss any opportunity.  One of the ways we do get involved is by publishing HazmatFreight.com.  This website provides information and resources in order to transport Hazardous freight safely and legally.