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Landstar Hosts Grow Your Star Program for Agents

Agents participating in Landstar’s Grow Your Star program are reporting they’re more prepared and more motivated to find ways to improve their independent businesses. The program helps agencies reach new goals by providing information, support and mentors to agents through small group, three-day sessions.

“If you’re an agent feeling stuck at your current level of business – whatever level that is – there are always growth opportunities to be found within the Landstar...

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One Step at a Time

Walking is one of the easiest, quickest and least expensive ways to step up your fitness level. Adding steps to your daily routine — whether in small increments or all at once — can improve your health. According to the Cleveland Clinic, walking can improve heart and lung capacity, lower stress, raise your mood, help stabilize your blood sugar, reduce cancer risk, and improve sleep. The Medicine and Science...

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Five Signs It’s Time to Start Your Own Freight Agency

Anyone can start a business, but it takes a true entrepreneur to run a successful, profitable company — especially in the competitive transportation and logistics industry.

If you’re not sure whether it’s the right time in your career to establish your own freight agency, start by asking yourself five pivotal questions.

1. Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?

If you feel a growing hunger...

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