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Alfalfa Hay Truck Transportation – Flat Bed or Van

Are you looking for truck transportation capacity to ship Alfalfa Hay? Gwynn Logistics can provide the capacity you need to deliver this product direct to your customer.  We are more than happy to provide a quotation for the truck shipment and delivery of you Alfalfa hay.  For more information, Please contact Jamie Gwynn at 214-377-4800 x4 or you may complete the contact us form and our sales...
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Transcore DAT Releases 2013 Predictions

Mark Montague with Transcore DAT has published 5 predictions for the year 2013.  They include:
  1. 1. A decline in fuel prices of 10 cents/ gallon
  2. 2. A rise in seasonal spot market rates with a higher than normal peak
  3. 3. Adequate capacity
  4. 4. A decrease in overall freight tonnage however a rise in spot market freight availability
  5. 5. Minimum impacts of any broker/ 3PL consolidations.
You can read Marks' entire report by clicking here:

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