• Happy Labor Day!

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  • Trucking rates fall again

    “Data on producer prices shows that wholesale inflation pressure was nearly nonexistent in July. Industry detail showed broad-based declines in trucking rates, and yearly it is likely to turn negative in upcoming months.” – According to the article in freightwaves.com and its author Ibrahiim Bayaan Long-distance truckload rates slide again, near negative territory “The monthly PPI release also offers a tremendous amount of detail each month, allowing for insight into pricing trends for commodity, product...
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    PUZZLING LOAD? LANDSTAR HAS SOLUTIONS. A puzzle can simply be defined as a challenge – something that is designed to test ingenuity and knowledge. Every puzzle requires the solver to put the pieces together in a logical way, in order to arrive at the correct solution. It’s when the pieces of a logistics puzzle are extreme in size, the challenge requires the support of the Landstar network and the company’s unique ability...
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