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Transcore DAT Releases 2013 Predictions

Mark Montague with Transcore DAT has published 5 predictions for the year 2013.  They include:
  1. 1. A decline in fuel prices of 10 cents/ gallon
  2. 2. A rise in seasonal spot market rates with a higher than normal peak
  3. 3. Adequate capacity
  4. 4. A decrease in overall freight tonnage however a rise in spot market freight availability
  5. 5. Minimum impacts of any broker/ 3PL consolidations.
You can read Marks' entire report by clicking here:

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Hazmat Truck Driver Apps

On December 14, 2012, published an article entitled, "Truck Driver Apps: HazMat Checkers". It references two interesting apps,
  1. DOT Lookup - provides information about a truck's cargo based on the DOT placard displayed (4.5 stars in google play!)
  2. HAZMAT Hero - here is a quote from the app: "Tired of asking, "WHICH PLACARDS DO I NEED? DO I HAVE THE RIGHT PLACARDS?" - Know for sure with HAZMAT HERO™!" I...
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