A Little Luck Goes a Long Way

Imagine this: You’re standing on stage before countless colleagues at an industry event. The lights are blinding yet warming as you wait with a racing heart to find out if you’ve won a new truck.

You and your fellow finalists stand side-by-side in front of a series of boxes as the audience is invited to count down from 10 to the big reveal.

You keep your hands on each side of your box, waiting in anticipation as the numbers decrease toward that moment when you lift your box to discover a set of keys sitting beneath.

You clap a hand over your mouth in excitement and shock before holding the keys up in triumph.

Such was the scene for Peter Perez in late August when he won Landstar’s 2023 Deliver to Win Truck Giveaway. But the scene at the Reno, Nevada, hotel almost didn’t happen.

Betting on BCO Appreciation Days

When independent owner-operator and Deliver to Win Truck Giveaway winner Peter Perez first got the news he was one of the five finalists in the annual giveaway held during Landstar BCO Appreciation Days, he wasn’t sure if he should put his cards on the table.

At that time, Perez’s 2014 Freightliner Cascadia® had been in the repair shop for three weeks because of a failing transmission. As a result, he hadn’t been on the road making money, thereby raising the stakes of being without a load for another two days if he chose to attend the event.

But if he was not present for the giveaway, he would no longer be eligible to win a brand-new truck. To attend or not to attend? Either choice could be a gamble.

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