Carving Out a Business Niche


All agents and capacity providers operating their businesses within the Landstar network are independent business owners. These entrepreneurs have the freedom to run their businesses their way, with the support of a reputable leader in the industry. For Landstar agent
Thomas Osco and Landstar business capacity owners (BCOs) Jeff Thompson and Mike Keinz, focus is helping their businesses thrive.

Focused on the details

For Thomas Osco of TGOCO Enterprises, business as usual resulted in significant revenue growth during 2021.
In his fourth year as an independent Landstar agent, he continued to provide a consistent, high level of
service to his select set of customers and remained committed to getting better at what he does every day.
This business-as-usual approach resulted in a 90.5% year-over-year revenue increase.

“I had a great year last year and I am fortunate to be focused on a niche that is fairly consistent,” says Osco who works with customers in the medical supplies and equipment industry. He gained experience servicing customers with high-value and time-sensitive freight while working at FedEx Custom Critical and decided to continue targeting this niche when he became a Landstar agent.
“I did have some customers who scaled down a bit in 2020, but I knew the business would bounce back, so I focused on potential opportunities within medical supplies and identifying additional services for my existing customers.” As a result, Osco was able to expand his business, add new customers and increase the volume of business with existing customers in 2021.

Osco says his agency’s focus fits well with his detail-orientated personality and love of a fast-paced environment. “When moving medical supplies, time is of the essence. Shipments often have to be picked up and delivered within a narrow timeframe. I have to pay attention to the little things and be able to make quick decisions.”

According to Osco, the benefit of having a business niche or focus is that he can use his success with a particular customer to help secure similar customers. Showing a new customer that he understands their language and requirements, knows how to handle their shipments, and can provide written testimonials from satisfied customers goes a long way in earning their trust.

“My success has mostly to do with the level of service I provide and the trust my customers have in me. I don’t
cut corners because I’m in this for the long run with them, and they know that,” says Osco. “I’ve also been
in business long enough to know there will be problems or issues. In these situations, I am always proactive by calling the customer, telling them the truth and having a solution ready.”

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