Four Mistakes That Can Derail Your Specialized Freight Shipment – And How to Avoid Them

Heavy haul and specialized project shipping is complex. When you mix drive time restrictions, permits, route surveys, load securement parameters, and other logistical details into the transportation plan, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Missing these types of details when shipping over-dimensional freight can lead to damage, delays, operational disruptions and unforeseen expenses.

1. The shipment’s actual size differs from the manufacturer’s or engineers’ specs

Modifications during the manufacturing process or the positioning of freight on the appropriate trailer can change the measurements of the load. This can lead to incomplete permits, inadequate equipment, and major delays.

Working with an experienced freight agent from the beginning of the load planning process will help you think through every aspect of the haul. A Landstar agent knows what questions to ask, the measurements needed, and what it will take to safely move the freight.

2. Route planning wasn’t meticulous

Gates, overhead powerlines, and bridges can bring your shipment to a standstill. And the solution can be costly for shippers.

Landstar agents have thorough pre-planning procedures along with regular communication with everyone involved in the transportation plan, including the experienced heavy-haul carrier.

3. Using your regular carrier for specialized cargo

Shippers should avoid attempting to manage specialized loads using carriers used to non-specialized shipments. This can lead to delays due to inadequate equipment and costly or irreversible damage from improper securement.

Working with specialized freight providers ensures the necessary expertise and equipment are available to manage the complexities involved. The carrier you trust with your freight should have a history of transporting products similar to yours. Landstar’s capacity providers have experience hauling high-value or unique freight. By working with a Landstar agent, you can be assured that any information about how to properly handle your cargo will be communicated to the driver.

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