Landstar Hauls Train Safety Equipment for Duostech

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, transportation and safety merged in Jacksonville yesterday when Landstar picked up an oversized data center from Duos Technologies headquarters which will be used to detect potential safety issues on Amtrak high-speed passenger trains.

The Edge Data Center and Railcar Inspection Portal (RIP®) use Machine Vison and AI to analyze moving trains and trucks to improve and speed up the safety inspection process. Landstar is hauling the first of several such data centers to be used on a major project for Amtrak in the Northeast corridor – the first time the Duostech system will be used for passenger railcars versus freight cars.

At 35-feet long, 13-feet wide, and 11-feet high, weighing 57,000 lbs., it took several hours to load the oversized data equipment by crane onto a double drop extendable trailer. Landstar independent business capacity owner (BCO) Tim Cricks is hauling the train safety equipment to an Amtrak site in New Jersey where it will be installed.

While independent Landstar Agent Leslie Deakins watched the loading at her customer’s facility, she said, “Duostech could work with any transportation company it chooses, and I think that’s why they’ve stuck with us since 2018.” She added that “Every load is customized for their needs, from the big stuff like this, to the maintenance parts we ship for the company.” Through the Landstar network, she says, she has access to every kind of trailer and transport they need, now or in the future, as Duostech expands.

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