Landstar Hosts Grow Your Star Program for Agents

Agents participating in Landstar’s Grow Your Star program are reporting they’re more prepared and more motivated to find ways to improve their independent businesses. The program helps agencies reach new goals by providing information, support and mentors to agents through small group, three-day sessions.

“If you’re an agent feeling stuck at your current level of business – whatever level that is – there are always growth opportunities to be found within the Landstar system, and we are here to help you find them,” says Katie Mountain, vice president of business development at Landstar. “Whatever the struggle – sales, staffing, operations, efficiency, breaking into different transportation modes, or serving new industries – Grow Your Star can help an agency discover effective ways to meet its unique business goals.”

But be forewarned – Grow Your Star is not a “sit-through-the-presentation-and-take-a-handout-home” experience. It is a deep-dive, interactive session where attendees are expected to fully participate in every discussion. This includes roundtables where agent mentors share their experiences and answer questions about how they have overcome difficult situations and successfully grown their own businesses. And, presentations from various Landstar service departments that agents may not be taking full advantage of to help make their goals a reality.

Landstar Agent Tony Lay with Triple C Logistics in Walton, Kentucky, attended a Grow Your Star event last year. “It significantly changed my business for the better,” Lay says. “We were doing okay, then business just flattened out. When Landstar announced it was holding Grow Your Star, I applied.”

Lay says he expects to nearly double his business by the end of 2023. “Much of that growth I directly contribute to the program. I got a lot out of hearing other agents’ ups and downs, their challenges and what they did to overcome them. It was a kick-start for helping my agency team learn what we needed to do to reach the next level,” he says. “Grow Your Star is one of the best things Landstar has done for agents.”

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