Required Hazmat Regulation Amendment as of January 1st

The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that as of January 1st, “PHMSA proposes to make miscellaneous amendments to the Hazardous Materials Regulations to update and clarify certain regulatory requirements. These proposed amendments are designed to promote safer transportation practices; eliminate unnecessary regulatory requirements; address a petition for rulemaking; incorporate a special permit into the Hazardous Materials Regulations; facilitate international commerce; and simplify the regulations.”

NPRM is regulating this new policy to update and simplify current requirements by integrating changes to the Hazardous Materials Regulations. stated that PHMSA has planned to:

  • Permit designated agents for non-residents to submit designation requests by electronic mail in addition to traditional mail.
  • A change to a required sequence of Identification Number, Proper Shipping Name, Hazard Class and Packing Group.
    • Current sequence example: Paint, 4 AB1234 PGII
    • New sequence example: AB1234, Paint, 3 PGII
    • Edit, revise, or update erroneous documents and regulations including:
      • §171.7
      • §172.101
      • §172.102
      • §172.103
      • §172.704
      • §173.6
      • §173.33
      • §173.62
      • §173.134
      • §173.150
      • §173.159
      • §178.2
      • §180.416

Along with these provisions, PHMSA is planning to update various entries in the Hazardous Materials Table to enforce safer standards, and requirements for employee training.

Many hazmat shippers have already made the necessary changes to remain compliant, however there are many that have not. This proposal has been out since 2006, and will begin enforcing the hazardous transportation industry. If these shippers have not already made these changes, they better take necessary precautions before January 1st to retain compliance, or they will no longer be compliant with federal law.

For a description of alterations to codes and regulations, see the Federal Register


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