– Revolutionizing Freight-Forwarding. is one of the fastest growing logistic companies on the web today. Ranked highly on INC magazines top 500 fastest growing companies, offers international freight forwarding services on products 3rd party companies do not ship internationally. The CEO John Vanhara originally owned a bicycle-importing business but had an abundance of unused warehouse space. In an attempt to put it to use Vanhara conceived as a “way to squeeze revenue out of the extra space.”

Larger companies refuse to ship to certain countries because of the exceedingly high custom prices, and hassle. Shipito redirects these products to their warehouse, takes pictures of them for the customer to confirm, repackages them into the smallest and fewest boxes possible and ships them on to their final destination.

“Today, Shipito processes 50,000 to 60,000 packages a month out of four warehouses.”

This business strategy provides a steady stream of revenue for Vanhara, as well as offering oversea customers a reduced price for the same product simply because of the “weak dollar value and strong competition.”

Shipito currently has 4 locations, one in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Austria. Shipito also allows the customer to compare shipping rates among competition, a tax break if they ship to their Oregon facility, 90 days of free storage in their warehouse, and a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee.

This concept isn’t much different than what every other freight-forwarding company does such as Fed-ex, and DLP but because they focus simply on overseas, and have low-overhead costs they’re able to provide a competitive advantage over other larger companies. What is unique is the consolidation, the customers ability to view their product live, and the storage feature.

How could this transform the way other companies do freight-forwarding? Do you like the idea? Would you use it? Let us know in the comment box.

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