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Spend, Save or Stay the Course

How Owner-Operators are Taking Advantage of the Industry’s Higher Rates

Identifying and taking advantage of the right opportunities at the right time is often a key to success in business, and the current economic climate is providing many owner-operators, including those leased to Landstar, the chance to capitalize on higher freight spot rates. We asked Landstar business capacity owners (BCOs), our...

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Cargo theft up as thieves take advantage of increased traffic, idled shipments

Close-up of sealed metal shipping container, hanging open lock after burglary

Record container backlogs at U.S. ports and overstressed supply chains are creating conditions ripe for cargo theft, according to experts.

“The backlog across all logistics infrastructure is causing containers and shipments to sit idle, not just in the ports but outside the ports, increasing opportunities for them to be targeted by criminals,” Ron Greene, vice president of...

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Commercial truck driver shortage increased by pandemic significantly changing the driver’s attitude to the trucking industry

The persisting supply chain problems continue to plague the economy, from manufacturing to warehousing to distribution, and have placed a spotlight on the health of a long overlooked, and sometimes derided industry, trucking. It’s a significant piece of the supply chain puzzle.

According to the American Trucking Association, the shortfall has increased from 61,500 drivers before the pandemic to at least 80,000 today. The trucking industry, though...

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