Five Signs It’s Time to Start Your Own Freight Agency

Anyone can start a business, but it takes a true entrepreneur to run a successful, profitable company — especially in the competitive transportation and logistics industry.

If you’re not sure whether it’s the right time in your career to establish your own freight agency, start by asking yourself five pivotal questions.

1. Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?

If you feel a growing hunger to go further in your career and are ready to take on more than your current employer can offer, it’s likely time to feed your entrepreneurial spirit and explore the opportunities that fit your expertise.

What’s more, if you feel your entrepreneurial aspirations cannot be fulfilled where you are, start developing a strategy for that next step now. Research other companies and outline what it would take for you to make a move, rather than waiting.

2. Do you have limited opportunities with your current employer?

Common experiences that can signal a lack of opportunity for you in your workplace include:

  • Restructuring of the company that currently employs you.
  • The feeling that you’ve moved up the ladder as high as you can.
  • A lack of interest in growing with your current employer.

If any of these resonate with you, then you’ve likely reached a point of stagnation and are ready for new challenges and opportunities.

3. Do you want your independence and the safety net of a support network?

Oftentimes, the fear of risk and isolation while starting a new venture can deter would-be business owners from getting started. Thankfully, the Landstar business model is built to help entrepreneurs who want to be on their own, but not alone.

Landstar offers the flexibility to own a freight agency with independence, while also working with confidence. Our model is designed so that small and large business owners can lean on the support of the Landstar network while taking their businesses to the next level, with no limits on earnings.

4. Do you want to build a multigenerational business?

We know running your own business is challenging work, but it is also an opportunity to operate the way you want to and build your career around the lifestyle that you want to lead.

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